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We are K & K, two caring and loving socialites that are enjoying life.

About Team Us 2K

Our Mission

To engage and connect with the diverse population of people worldwide through media.

Our Primary Goal

To network with people who share some of our common interests such as the following:

  • Entertainment/Social Media
  • Fashion & Accessories/Merchandising
  • Travel/Tourism
  • Marketing/Advertisement
  • Technology/Technical Support
  • Advocacy/Empowerment

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Hot Topics

This section will discuss current events going on around the world.  Feel free to chime in  by subscribing, sending email or hitting the chat button.

The Coronavirus (COVID-19), has been one of the worse worldwide pandemics in modern times. This serious illness continues to spread causing total devastation. Everyone has been impacted by this pandemic. Across the world there have been strong impacts such as loss of life, economic loss, and numerous changes. Worldwide we continue to see large numbers of new Coronavirus cases. The Delta Variant has lead to a more contagious spread that is more dangerous for those who are unvaccinated. At this time we have to continue to social distance, wear a mask, wash our hands, and avoid large crowds. To our friends worldwide, make sure you take advantage of the vaccines available. #STAYSAFE 

Dear Americans:

Team Us 2K would like to acknowledge the fact that we are blessed even in times of the Covid-19 pandemic. There are other countries in turmoil and with additional crises. Two countries that we are thinking of are these:

Haiti: You are in our thoughts and prayers as you continue to recover from the devastating earthquake that has lead to loss of life and devastation to a country that is still recovering from a prior earthquake.


It seems that your country is in mayhem and we did not see the takeover the has left many Americans and Afghan residents trying to leave the country by the end of August. You are in our thoughts and prayers and hoping everyone who wants to leave gets out safely.

Warm Regards,

Team Us 2K

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